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Not only is a smile the first thing you notice when meeting someone new, but your smile influences perceptions among social circles, love interests, and in the workplace. If you’re unhappy with your smile, veneers could be the solution. Dr. Bruce Berkowitz has been helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams for over 30 years. Call his office today or schedule an appointment online to get that extra confidence boost you’ve been searching for.

Veneers Q & A

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are custom-made to fit over your teeth to achieve a beautiful smile while providing strength and resilience and appearing like natural tooth enamel. Veneers can fix chipped, stained, and misaligned teeth and they typically last around 10-20 years.

Why do patients choose veneers?

Veneers can drastically change your appearance. They offer a cosmetic solution to enhance the brightness or size and shape of your teeth. They can even straighten your smile.

Not only can you use veneers to help with discoloration and small misalignments, but they also correct problems like chips or fractures. Patients often prefer veneers because they’re a less-intrusive option than crowns or braces.

How are veneers placed?

First, Dr. Berkowitz cleans your tooth to determine the correct shade of porcelain to use later on. Then he removes a small amount of enamel from your tooth to accommodate the porcelain shell.

A dental technician then fabricates your veneer -- which is precisely tailored to fit your tooth -- in a lab. Later, Dr. Berkowitz bonds the veneer to your tooth with resin cement.

How do you care for veneers?

You should brush and floss your veneer just like you do your other teeth. Dr. Berkowitz also recommends that you avoid foods and beverages that may stain or discolor your veneer. These include things like coffee, tea, or red wine.

It can be costly, but, for many people, the results are more than worth the improved look veneers give your smile.

Call Dr. Berkowitz or schedule an appointment online to discuss if veneers are the right choice for your smile.

What Insurance do you accept for Veneers?

If you have any concerns about your insurance payment, we accept the following for all dental services:

  • Aetna
  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Guardian
  • MetLife